3 de octubre de 2013

Ellos no estaban aquí

They were not here. They has been in your mind all your damned life. He was in your brain, she was hide in your emotional mess. She was me. I was trying to be a good girl, but i'm not. I'm just a disaster and they don't understand it. They keep thinking that i'm fine, but i don't, I feel terrible but they still acting like I has been fine. I hate me, I hate them, they hate me. I'll go away some day.

She is neglected, anyone loves her, because she is false, all a fool, well, she show us that. Now, I'm not her, she is another girl. Another girl with a fucking hell inside. Everyone in this place know her name, but anybody can say it. Maybe she's on time to change, she could be someone, but she just want to be ignored. She's tired, she's bored, she's sad. What if she doesn't feel alive? Who will make her feel special? Anybody want? No, I hate her, she hates me, i'm that girl again.

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